Ysmala'n 402

Name Ysmala'n 402
Age 26
Sex F
Blood Type K+
Height 177 cm
Weight 55 kg
Eyes Blue
Job Nurse
Signs : Working for a doctorate in oxy-molecular biology. Has a perfect knowledge of treatment techniques and bio-implants. Inteds to work in research as soon as she gets her diploma.
Interests : Likes studying mortal viruses, discovering new treatments, helping those who need treatment. Hates selfishness, obscurantism, seeing people suffer.
Energy 100 / 200
Attack 50 / 200
Fight Experience Novice
Body Resistance 20 / 200
Speed 60 / 200
Dodge 50 / 200
Mana 20 / 200
Reincarnation 0 / 200

SNEAK inventoryEdit


  • Ysmala'n seems to be found in two places. She is definitely in the Morgue early on, but there is no message and camera pan as there is with other potential Incarnates. If you are in Kay'l's body when presenting the Jaunpar Pass to the Mecaguard, it will kill him and she touches his corpse and becomes the Nomad Soul. She is also said to be at the Hospital, and could possibly be possessed at that location at some time.



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I was beginning to wonder if anyone was going to touch my body. The Mecaguard certainly had my description. So it shouldn't be any problem now. Anyway, I've always wanted to be a nurse.

The Nomad Soul upon virtually reincarnating into Ysmala'n.

Destiny Edit

Main article: Destiny

Fate is more strongly pushing for Ysmala'n to become the Nomad Soul than other player characters. The police under the demon Gandhar have a warrant out for Kay'l 669's termination. If he tries to enter Jaunpur he will be shot by the Mechaguard and his body is taken to the Morgue. Ysmala'n examines him and in doing so, touches the Nomad Soul and triggers Kay'l's transformation into Ysmala'n. If Kay'l has lost a battle with an enemy and reincarnated as another character already (which is a Destiny that is also strongly manifested, as the demon that snatches Telis is very powerful), this never takes place because the new character is not subject to the same termination order. The Nomad Soul is also free to use the Reincarnation Spell to become another character (see the blue expandable list on all the character pages) before going to Jaunpur, after reincarnating into Ysmala'n, or almost any time afterwards.