Awakened Base in Jaunpur

Awakened leadership receive Kushulainn to honor his achievements

Only a select few know of the existence of the demons and are fully aware of what they are plotting. Gathered in secret castes, they work in the shadows to thwart Astaroth's plans, but they have no idea of the trap he has created to capture souls from parallel dimensions. They are known as the "Awakened" to distinguish them from the sleeping masses. Their sworn goal is to empty the Reservoir of Souls of its contents and destroy it. Once this is done, Astaroth will be harmless and can be returned to his cage in the depths of the earth. In order to achieve this, the Awakened have developed their psychic powers to the extreme (telepathy, telekinesis, spontaneous combustion, shock waves, etc.). Thanks to these powers, they are the only ones who are capable of fighting the demons. But they must act discretely so as not to be discovered.

They also battle against the power of the Legatee Angus Reshev, whom they find corrupt and totalitarian, and against both Trusts, Tetra Inc. and Khonsu Ltd., whom they suspect of being in league with Astaroth.

While life in Omikron appears to be happy and serene, this is only skin deep.

Below the surface, in the depths of the city, in its somber stone catacombs, strange ceremonies of black magic are taking place. And somewhere still lies the terrible book that burns the eyes of all who read it, the Book of Nout. In this manuscript are written the secrets of the extraordinarily influential Ancient Art. Only Boz, the virtual being who roams the Multiplan network, knows of its fatal power. Will the player have the courage to seek out and recite its evil incantations?

To succeed in killing Astaroth demands intelligence, courage, psychic powers and wizardry, and the ability to draw upon rituals that have been forgotten for millennia.

Above all, there is no place for those who fear losing their soul...

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Memo, Re: The Sect of the Awakened

"It is the responsibility of all agents to intercept the terrorists calling themselves the Awakened. This sect transmits non-conformist esoteric beliefs and anti-government and subversive ideas. They carry out terrorist missions designed to destabilize public opinion. Attention: these individuals are dangerous, and must be stopped at all costs

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