The SNEAK will only hold a limited number of objects, but the game requires that you have access to a wide range of items.

On Omikron, these objects can be stored in a virtual locker. Working in conjunction with the Khonsu MK400 SNEAK, the Multiplan Virtual Locker is accessible on many locations in Omikron (Kay’l’s Apartment, Office, other characters’ offices etc.) Essentially it is the means by which you can transfer objects to a safe place without having to carry everything around with you.

The Multiplan, or its contents, depending on how you look at it, transfers/does not transfer to new Incarnates.

Accessing the MultiplanEdit

  • Locate a terminal then stand your character in front of it and press Action.

This will open the Multiplan Virtual Locker menu. In the centre of the screen are the items you are carrying in your SNEAK inventory. You can scroll up / down this list using the up/down arrow keys.

Transferring items to the MultiplanEdit

The top option is the transfer TO the Multiplan from the SNEAK inventory.

  • Highlight the top right icon. An arrow will flash pointing into the blue box and the message panel at the top of the screen will read ‘Transfer to Multiplan’.
  • To transfer items from the SNEAK to the Multiplan press Action (the arrow will stay lit).
  • Now you can select one of the objects with the up/down arrow keys.
  • When you have highlighted an item, press Action. That item will disappear from the SNEAK list. It has been transferred to the Virtual Locker.

Transferring items from the MultiplanEdit

In the same way you can transfer items FROM the Virtual Locker back to your Inventory.

  • Highlight the second icon down on the right. A flashing red arrow pointing out from a red box will show ‘Transfer from Multiplan’. Now the central display will show you what is currently in the Virtual Locker.
  • Select an item, using the arrow keys, and press Action. It will be moved out of the Multiplan and returned to your SNEAK.

Examining ObjectsEdit

You can also examine all objects held in the Virtual Locker and in the SNEAK

  • Highlight the third icon down using the up/down arrow keys and press Action.
  • Select an item, using the up/down arrow keys, and press Action.

You will see that object on the screen.

Deleting ObjectsEdit

You can delete any object from the Multiplan list.

  • Highlight the fourth icon down using the arrow key and press Action.
  • Select an item using the up/down arrow keys and press Action, that item will be deleted permanently. Think twice before you do this!

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