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  • I produced a timeline years ago, that had pretty much the exact same phrase about the order of months! :) - Wandrew (talk) 06:57, March 10, 2015 (UTC)

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    • I couldn't get the font to display on mobile browsers, so I had to convert it to other file formats... but it turns out that at certain sizes in the opentype format, the "w" messes up like that. I'm not familiar with editing font files, so I have no idea how I'd go about fixing it. It's either this or the font won't appear on many other devices.

      Thought it'd be okay since it's "w" and we're on "wikia", but it does kinda bother me too. Not sure what to do.

      EDIT: I removed the opentype format from the CSS for now, some devices will just have to do without the Omikron font, I guess... At least until we can solve the problem.

      EDIT 2: By the way, the whole Maxx thing was official? I thought it was a fan site of some sort, huh. Seems like it was quite the site, but the archive doesn't seem to have much left of it, which sucks.

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    • No, that's alright, you're far ahead of me! I just thought it may be an easy fix. I'm actually fine with it as it was, so, either way.

      Yep, the Ix Database was a promotional site (when you install Nomad Soul it comes with a bunch of links and that was one). The site was quite cool but (as was the style at the time) very Flash-heavy: Internet Archive doesn't store that stuff, apparently. You could zoom into each district and have a look at the character sheets of some incarnates, etc. Back in the day I transcribed everything, but when my PC the laptop died they became inaccessible (along with a whole lot of other Omikron stuff I'd done, such as a nascent encyclopaedia, etc.).

      Some day I try to plan to rescue it all. ;)

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