The next section of the SNEAK is the Memory function. Throughout the game you will have many conversations with characters or read items in newspapers, see news broadcasts, etc that are key to your success in the game. You cannot be expected to remember all this information, or make copious hand-written notes, so that is why the SNEAK has a Memory function.

If Memory seems insufficient to pointing to the next objective, remember that Inventory items have not only significance but often explanatory text. Simple exploration is often enough to put you on the right track.

When vital information is discovered by your character the message Data Memorized will appear on the screen. This indicates that the information (or at least the key parts of it) are stored in your SNEAK memory mode.

  • Highlight the fourth icon (yellow) down from the left using the arrow keys. The icon will flash and change the central display on the SNEAK to a list of Memorised items or the names of the source of the information.
  • Press the right arrow and (if there is one) you will highlight a memory source (such as a name). At the same time a box will appear on the central display revealing a vital piece of information that has been ‘memorised’. If there are many memory items scroll through them using the up/down arrow keys. Arrow keys will take you back out of the Memory section. The spacebar will take you back to the 3D world.