Kay'l 669

Name Kay'l 669
Age 30
Sex M
Blood Type K-
Height 178 cm
Weight 80 kg
Eyes Green
Job Investigating Agent
Signs : Received basic Omikron police training in using Waver weapons and combat techniques.
Interests : Void.
Energy 10 / 200
Attack 20 / 200
Fight Experience Novice
Body Resistance 20 / 200
Speed 50 / 200
Dodge 50 / 200
Mana 10 / 200
Reincarnation 0 / 200

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As a member of the Security Forces, Kay'l is very skilled at hand to hand combat and using standard issue weaponry. He has free access to the Security Center and is authorized to carry arms.[1]


Kay'l lives in Anekbah with his wife, Telis. He and his partner Den have an almost perfect arrest record.[1]


I have many things to tell you, and very little time. My, my name is Kay'l. I come from a universe parallel to yours. My world needs your help, you're the only one who can save us. I succeeded in opening a breach between my world and yours. Through your computer, you can enter our world and help us. But in order to do this, you must transfer your soul into my body.

"Kay'l" asks the Nomad Soul for help.



  • Kay'l was originally called Uzal.[2]
  • David Cage particularly liked the early moment when the player, occupying the body of policeman Kay’l, beds his wife. “The idea of being in the body of a guy and making love to his wife – when she believes you’re her husband, even though you’re not – was a very strange position to be in. That’s exactly the kind of thing that I try to explore in all my games today. How can we put you in the shoes of someone else?


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