Born in 7192, along with Neme't 114, Syao 471 and Tagy'r.

Jenna 712 Detention Dossier Edit

Jenna 712 File

Dossier No. 92841

Crime: Element Jenna 712 is suspected of belonging to the terrorist sect The Awakened.

Jernna claims to be a cargo pilot working for the Tetra Trust, and that she had met Karel 364, but didn't even give him her phone number.

Jenna's Apartment Edit

Once he has the key, and while Jenna 712 is in custody, Kay'l 669 can search Jenna's apartment.

In the first room use the action button on the lights to the right to gain access to a Decagun and a parchment. By doing this, Kay'l is also able to ask Jenna additional, incriminating questions later. Kay'l is still free to pronounce Jenna innocent or guilty either way. There is one positive consequence for declaring her innocent and no negative ones for declaring her guilty.

In the toilet is a key, used on the cupboard for a medikit and a small note.

Kay'ls Apartment Edit

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Appearing in disguise, Jenna fills Kay'l in, or Syao 471 if Kay'l did not survive

Awakened Base Edit

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Pamoka Prison Edit

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You get additional dialogue if you talk to Jenna after escaping from the cell, but there is no need to talk to her until after possessing Zao'r 940.

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