The Nomad Soul's uplink connects Boz' message to everyone watching Transcans

Jahangir is an abandoned zone of Jaunpur. It consists of the main antenna for transcan broadcasts in Omikron, and the entrance to Jahangir Park.

The rooftops and alleyways of Jahangir are the site of an extended firefight combined with a maze crawl. It is extremely challenging and players are advised to not rush the process, as although the player respawns when they die, the medkits scattered around do not. If this causes difficulty, revert to a prior save and prepare more thoroughly.

Jahangir is the name of the fourth Mughal Emperor who ruled from 1605 until his death in 1627.

Jahangir Park Edit


Jahangir Park with its rivers, hedges, cliffside paths, and structures built into giant trees

Where you took a right to the Antenna FPS area, go straight. Once through, take a right, jump to cross the water, and climb with the action button. Get the Jinpan Feather off the ground to combine with the Drops of Shadow.

Jahangir Park's river goes in a ring around a very steep hill and then straight, away from the hill. On the back side of this ring, away from the straight portion of the river, is the underwater gate that opens to reveal a lever

The code is the name of the person you are looking for. Kiwan will open some doors, one of which appears to be underwater. From the entrance, go left this time and dive to a lever. From the entrance again, go further left, into a cave, along the path out again, left into a deeper cave. Put the jewels into the stone head. If it doesn't work, the green jewel is the wrong one.

Exit to Mayere'm

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