The head of the political system is not a person, but a machine. In 4987 the city underwent a terrible famine, followed by the beginnings of a civil war after serious mistakes in resource allocation. These troubles were without precedent in the history of Omikron, and they could have been avoided had strategic decisions been made by a competent and unified authority.

This is why, when in 4922 the Aljira revolt put an end to the reign of Boldo the Mazean, it was decided that a computer would henceforth reign over human destinies.

Sensors and cameras would be its eyes and ears, they would permit it to have the information necessary to make proper decisions in the city's interest. Humans would only be able to act upon those dealings involving daily life and decision of justice.

Ix Ad

Announcer giving Ix statement via Transcan

Nothing bad can happen, the citizens are told, as long as Ix is running.

We would categorize Ix's rule as totalitarian; that is, it is a government which utterly controls aspects of life which we take for granted are intensely personal and private, such as who we marry, where we travel, and whether we have children.

On the other hand, Ix displays an utter lack of concern for activities that time and again are the historical targets of totalitarian states. Sex for reasons other than procreation, more specifically, sex outside of marriage, and more specifically again, contraception to prevent pregnancy, are all anathema to dictators and the right wing alike, but Ix actually encourages all of them.

"Ix has announced that the average level of contentment per inhabitant has risen compared to the same period last cycle. This increase is explained by the quality of planning and a stricter control of ideas." - Ix announcement on Transcan
"The central computer Ix has established the birth rate for the next two years. It should not exceed 29% of all requests for propagation submitted."

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