Name Fodo
Age 287
Sex M
Blood Type W9
Height 159 cm
Weight 71 kg
Eyes Green
Job Azkeel Farmer
Signs : Sham Breeder
Interests : Likes Shams and Goddess-Queen Soyinka. Hates violence and danger
Energy 100 / 200
Attack 110 / 200
Fight Experience Disciple
Body Resistance 30 / 200
Speed 50 / 200
Dodge 110 / 200
Mana 130 / 200
Reincarnation 0 / 200

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Destiny Edit

Main article: Destiny

At this point in the story, Fodo is the only character with voice acting that must be possessed. And there is by far the weakest rationale for doing so, since Fodo could easily have been persuaded to ride a hundred yards to the Hamestaga'n exit and roll away the boulder blocking it, with the Sham. And there are other counterindications as well

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