Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy is a video game developed by Quantic Dream.

References to OmikronEdit

Omikron makes a cameo appearance in Fahrenheit in the form of a news story, which can be read by Tyler Miles when he logs onto the Internet from his work terminal. It can also be read by Carla Valenti in her apartment, when she logs onto her computer.

Omikron: The First Part of the Trilogy Beats all RecordsEdit

Last weekend the first part of the Omikron trilogy broke all box office records. The grand-scale science fiction saga succeeded in rousing the enthusiasm of both the general public and the critics, so much so that it is already being listed as a major favorite for the Oscars. 'I'm particularly pleased at the... film' said David Cage... game for film is major challenge' - Jackson Peters in person declared that he was particularly impressed by the visual originality of the film.

Some critics claim that the subject of the film - which relates the story of a civilization that is manipulated by those in control and numbe to sleep by the media - is not unconnected to its immense popular success.


Another reference to the game in Fahrenheit can be seen where the character Tyler has a small figure of the robot Soks and refers to him as "his favourite character from his favourite video game."