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Dan's Friend
• 4/11/2015

Running Nomad Soul on Win7

I just realised that I've had this laptop for 2 years and never christened it with Nomad Soul! But I can't manage to get it to run properly. If I use the Software/DirectX render it works but is awful, and if I use my integrated or NVidia card it all fades to blue. I've tried making it backwards compatible to XP SP3, etc., but nothing makes a difference.

Any suggestions?

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Dan's Friend
• 4/11/2015

Well, I got my copy from Theirs are usually optimized for gaming on new operating systems. I wouldn't know how to get an original copy to work, though...

EDIT: Oh, and if you have a copy and you're having this kind of trouble with it, then I guess you could try the official forums on their site.

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